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Small sensible dog Vachik (11.11.2021), 32 cm and 8 kg. He was caught on the street wearing a collar so it appears he may have run away or been thrown away and the search for his owner has turned up nothing. He is now with a temporary family. He walks very well on a leash, is used to the toilet on the street, at the vet and in the car - the perfect behaviour. Vachik is a very friendly dog, very calm around all animals, no aggression. He is very gentle and affectionate, calm in temperament. He looks into your eyes and seems to understand every word you say and feel your emotions. He likes to take you for a quiet walk or to lie on the couch with you while you watch your favorite TV show. He is the perfect companion dog! Vachik is healthy, vaccinated and neutered, he has an electronic chip and a travel passport! We are looking for a quiet responsible family for him!

The adoption is done through the PetConnect association with an official agreement. The adoption costs are € 400 (transport in Belgium, vaccines, passport, electronic chip).
For this price you have a unique dog. We as PetConnect continue to guide and support you during the adoption and adaptation of our dogs.

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